Vienna, also called “the city of dreams” and “the city of magic” offers a wide spectrum of traditional heritage and modernity, superb imperial buildings, contemporary buildings, as well as a long-lasting tradition of musical arts. With a rich history, culture, economy and environment, Vienna is purely a year-round destination.

The city was home to many famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Johann Strauss. Their outstanding musical heritage and the symbolic trail they have left have been preserved right to the present day. The plays and opera performances at Vienna`s best theatres and opera houses are just a fragment of the city`s fascinating music.

The art is also deeply rooted in the history of the city. Down the centuries, Vienna has nurtured world-class artists. The Museum of Fine Arts, for example, is one of the world’s largest and most recognised museums, housing priceless works of art. After all, where else in the world will you find all the earth’s heritage at one place, if not Vienna?


Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

The spectacular Schönbrunn Palace becomes one of the most attractive buildings in the 18th century. The beautiful Baroque Palace is distinguished by its magnificent architecture and a park-like setting. The vast space inside the Palace contains more than 1 441 rooms and apartments, including those Empress Maria Theresa has lived in.

Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera House is a prominent music centre in Europe. The Opera House was built in 1869 in a distinctive and clearly notable French Early Renaissance style. Having hosted the world’s most famous composers, conductors, soloists, and dancers, the Opera House is must see place for the lovers of classical music.

Albertina Museum

The gorgeous Albertina Museum brings together all the great names in modern art by multiple works exposed. The various schools and movements like French impressionists, Russian avantgarde, the expressionists and many others will take your breath away by the simplicity of its works of art. Take a strall around the picturesque museum and discover medieval masterpieces.


Even though looking odd at a first glance, Hundertwasserhaus is yet fascinating by its colourful facade. Designed by painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this unusual landmark was completed in 1985, and the occupants of its 53 units consist mostly of artists, intellectuals, and creative minds, just like the architect himself.

the Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace is the official residence of every Austrian ruler since 1275 and this inevitably makes it one of the most historically significant palaces in Vienna. While walking through the palace, you will admire numerous buildings, reflecting various periods, including architectural flourishes from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and the Rococo movements.