Session trailers

Session trailers

Watch some of our speakers presenting their insights about the topics they will cover during their lectures.

Dr Michel Calmon, Co-Chair for WHAHC 2021 & Fondation Santé Service CEO, French Hospital at Home Federation Vice President, France

Carolina Puchi, Doctor of Nursing and a Nurse Specialist, Chile

Mark Poterre, General practitioner, Fondation Sante Service, France

Margaret Peinovich, Senior Pharmacy Manager of Operations, Mayo Clinic Health System, USA

Dr Kranthi Sitammagari, Hospitalist, Researcher & Co-medical Director for quality, Atrium Health, USA ; Dr Stephanie Murphy, Medical Director, Atrium Health, USA

Dr Beatriz Massa, Co-Chair for WHAHC 2021 & President of the Spanish Society for Home Hospitalisation, Spain

Begoña Ibañez, Registered Nurse, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain

Cláudio Flauzino de Oliveira, Diretor Executivo da Home Doctor, Brazil

Michelle Grinman, General Internal Medicine Specialist, Rockyview General Hospital, Canada

Yi Feng Lai, Senior Manager, MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation, Singapore